Frustrations With Change

There are several forces currently driving change in our society:

  • Pandemic impacts that have completely upset the status quo
  • Economic impacts of the pandemic that have left many in dire straights
  • Disproportionate effects of economic, educational and social inequities

These forces have led to an overwhelmed healthcare system, enormous unemployment, and intense frustration on the parts of those affected by one or more of these forces.  Substantial protests and, more recently, well-planned and orchestrated insurrections have been the result.  Many people are both frustrated and extremely angry.

In parallel, social and demographic forces are steadily changing the US population.  Minorities – blacks, Hispanics, and Asians – are an increasing proportion of the population.  Education has increasingly become the means to highly-compensated employment.  The urban educated population is gaining an increasing share of the economic pie.

Interestingly, immigrants are aggressively and successfully playing this game.  While the first generation of immigrants may be a net burden on public resources, the second generation of immigrants are net contributors, and the third generation contributes far beyond native populations.  Immigration is a net good deal for the US, creating many jobs and substantial economic impacts.

However, the frustration and anger remain.  Being unable to attain appropriate education and well-compensated employment, not to mention the rights to vote, yield an enormous sense of discrimination.  Losing your chance of being the fifth-generation family member to earn your living at the local auto plant feels like a birthright denied.  However, business as usual is being fortunately and unfortunately disrupted.

The overarching issue is not getting back to normal; it is getting to what normal should have been.  As indicated in my last post, the priority has to be fostering a healthy, educated, and productive population for everyone.  No one is left behind because the societal ethos is that everyone succeeds.  Everyone’s success preempts frustration, anger and protest.  We are too busy succeeding!

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