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Theory of Transformation

In the past 25 years, there has been 200% turnover in the Fortune 500.  Clearly, large enterprises find it very difficult to fundamentally change or transform themselves as technologies, markets, and economies change.  Our studies of this phenomenon led to the following “theory” of transformation that was published in Systems Engineering in 2005, and subsequently […]

Forces Against Change

The November 12th issue of The Economist and November 22nd issue of the New York Times provide interesting analyses of forces against change.  The Lexington column in The Economist, “Farmers vs. Greens,” outlines rural America’s opposition to anything that will increase the price of fossil fuel.  It notes that senators representing 11% of the U.S. […]

Challenges in Healthcare Delivery

We are currently embroiled in two healthcare debates. One debate involves how the costs of making healthcare available to everyone should be apportioned among individuals, employers, and the government. The second debate concerns how to achieve reductions in the high costs of healthcare to provide the best value. Both debates have to be resolved effectively […]

Essential Challenges of Strategic Management

After working with well over 100 enterprises – large and small companies, government agencies, non-profits, and universities – it should not be surprising that I came to wonder about common challenges across all these types and sizes of enterprises.  Pursuing this idea, I identified seven challenges. Growth is the overarching challenge.  How can your enterprise […]

Fundamental Change Is Very Difficult

When I first got into the strategy and planning business, I complied all the best practices I could find.  You can access these compilations in Design for Success (1991), Strategies for Innovation (1992), and Catalysts for Change (1993), all published by John Wiley.  I realized all this stuff could be quite dry, so I brought […]

Welcome to Change

My focus in this blog is fundamental change.  In particular, I will write about fundamental change of complex organizational systems.  Another phrase I like is enterprise transformation. During the 1990s, in between two stints as a faculty member at Georgia Tech, I founded and managed two research and software companies – Search Technology, Inc., and […]