Two Months of Quarantine

Two months or one sixth of a year limited to once a week early senior mornings at the grocery store with 6-8 other older folks stocking up.  Everybody is in masks. Feels like a heist.

I am getting used to the routine of every day being the same as every other day. Actually, it has been very productive, with all sorts of tasks completed early and some tasks long lingering on the to-do list finally done.

Yet, I wonder about where we are headed. Except for the medical experts, the federal government seems completely clueless. They are worried about the elections, not a million plus sick people. The incompetence is astounding. Even more astounding is the hoards of people that do not perceive this.

Can we somehow get to a shared sense of the situation and the prospects?  This is not about ideology. It is about reality and how we can best help each other with this crisis. We need a shared sense of what we know and what we can do.

The evidence base is key. The opinions of news commentators — actually just entertainers — are irrelevant, likes jokes in a comedy club.  What they proclaim is completely irrelevant.  You might as well pay attention to the pigeons on your balcony railing.

Definitive, evidence-based sources are what matter.  Yet, the evidence base is a work in progress and people want answers now. Getting people back to work is a high priority. Doing it safely is just as important. A staged approach seems prudent.

We need to stop providing news coverage to people incompetent to provide guidance. Perhaps the incompetents could be featured in a new season of the recently cancelled Schitt’s Creek. They could then pontificate on how everything is fine and perhaps hawk commemorative paddles.

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