There seems to be an epidemic of thoughtlessness.  You help a young person to apply for a prestigious opportunity.  They get accepted.  You hear through the grapevine.  You mention to their grandmother, who prompted your efforts, that you had not heard from the young person.  She tells you, “She is too busy to email you.”

You are talking with seeming friends.  They repeatedly turn away to answer cell phone calls on one matter or another.  The tracks of your conversations are completely lost.  Their only response is to tell you about their phone calls; the context and particulars are not meaningful to you.

You are an elderly person, standing at a street corner waiting for the light to change and the walk sign.  There is a high end SUV waiting to turn right when the light changes.  They are focused to the left, waiting for the light to change.  At that moment, they surge to the right.  Your vigilance is all that keeps you from being hit.

You are patiently waiting in the remaining two lanes on the highway, the third lane closed for construction.  Everyone is enduring this funneling.  A car streaks down the empty third lane.  Just before the barrier they pull into the small space between two cars in the adjacent lane, with the driver of the behind car reluctantly letting them in. 

People are focused on their goals – what they want.  Everyone else is in the way.  They are impatient to meet their own needs.  Everyone else’s needs are in the way of what they want.  They quickly proceed, perhaps to achieve a meaningless life, albeit one unimpeded by any sense of reflection.  Hopefully, no one is injured in the process.

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