Service Hall of Shame – Uber

Roughly a year ago, I profiled five companies that provide great service, for example, Kaiser Permanente and USAA.  This post addresses the flip side – the Service Hall of Shame.  Today’s inductee is Uber.  I have compiled ten reasons for their selection, all experienced in just two days.

Let’s start with driver deficiencies.  Here are two days of experiences:

  • Driver not knowing local geography and relying on Uber’s very misleading app
  • Driver ignoring passenger location messages – “I never look at them.”
  • Driver refusing to travel one block from pickup point – in the rain
  • Driver claiming passenger not wearing mask – despite never seeing passenger
  • Driver requesting a 30 minute delay to get gas and arriving 2 hours later

These deficiencies dovetail with Uber’s poor service delivery over the same two days:

  • Uber app not knowing my location, despite traveling frequently from same address.
  • Uber app not allowing cancellation of trip when driver searched for gas
  • Uber penalizing passenger when driver never arrived
  • Uber penalizing passenger for not wearing mask when driver never arrived
  • Uber app and website not providing a mechanism for customer feedback

It is very clear that Uber has no interest in customers’ experiences.  Better service would warrant greater customer loyalty, even with somewhat higher prices, but Uber apparently does not think this way.  They only increase prices, sometimes by factors of 2 to 5, when they have customers trapped by traffic jams or bad weather.  Revenue maximization is their only goal.  This may work until a truly customer-oriented provider emerges.  Then all Uber will have is their Hall of Shame plaque.

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