Running for Election

Members of Congress have only one objective – getting reelected.  Their every utterance is focused on appealing to the voters that can get them through the primaries, if necessary, and winning in the general elections.  Many also have aspirations for higher offices.  Most have absolutely no interest in policy discussions and debates.  They have concluded that voters have little, if any, interest in this.

In an earlier post, quite some time ago, I proposed an obvious solution to reluctant legislators.  Members of Congress should devote all their energies to reelection and all other responsibilities should be eliminated.  They would be prohibited from engaging in legislation, which would be handled by well-educated, highly motivated, and well compensated professionals, whose accomplishments would determine continued employment.

Protected by the 1st Amendment, Members of Congress can articulate and support virtually anything.  They can be the political equivalent of standup comedians.  Their “base,” of whatever persuasion, could attend their rallies, buy their paraphernalia, and feel supported by their media presence.  Members of Congress would have absolutely no impact on the country other than to make their supporters feel heard.

Beyond being American citizens, there would be no requirements in terms of education and competencies to serve as a Member of Congress.  Other than being capable of bluster and bombast, as recently demonstrated by Members representing Colorado, Georgia, Missouri and Texas, fundraising and campaigning for reelection would be core competencies. 

The mainstream media would likely abandon following Members’ rants.  New Internet outlets, perhaps similar to YouTube, would emerge to provide access to their tirades.  User-defined profiles would enable their only seeing pieces that support their existing beliefs, leading many users to perceive that every Member agrees with them.  They would get the promises they seek, perhaps forgetting the impotence of Members.

It is reasonable to project that this change will eventually dramatically increase people’s confidence in government.  Professionally managed government would invest in health, education, energy, etc.  The trains would run on time.  Potholes would be fixed and garbage collected.  In the background, Members would rant, raise money, and run for reelection, continually refining the three Rs of politics.

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