Dealing With Risks

This is a very risky time. What does that mean?  Risk equals the probability that something unfortunate happens times the consequences of it happening. It seems like both sides of this equation are working against us.

So, what to do?  First, we need to differentiate risks to you and the general public. If you have been wearing a mask, washing your hands, and observing social distancing, your health risks are fairly minimal.

However, your economic risks are not just related to your behaviors. Other people who ignore these guidelines can lead to consequences that re-close the economy, not to mention lead to millions of more cases and many thousands of more deaths. Nothing you can do will fully control your economic consequences.

How can you influence other people’s attitudes and behaviors?  The ballot box is your best choice. Elect well-informed, evidence-based policy and decision makers — and communicators — who are not focused on themselves.  Instead, we need leaders who are primarily concerned with the medical and economic health of everyone.

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