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Back Online

This blog has been on hold for 18 months as I have transitioned from Atlanta to Hoboken, the sixth borough of New York City.  I retired from Georgia Institute of Technology and am now on the faculty of Stevens Institute of Technology.  I am still immersed in enterprise transformation, focused on healthcare delivery, higher education […]

Christmas Presents from David Brooks

On December 23 and 28 in the New York Times, David Brooks unveiled this year’s Sidney Awards for the best essays published in a variety of areas.  His two lists (see links below) include some real gems.  In the online edition of the Times, there are links to each award winner’s essay in the original […]

Transformation Framework

A framework for understanding the nature of enterprise transformation is shown below – it also appears on the cover of Enterprise Transformation: Understanding and Enabling Fundamental Change (Wiley, 2006).  The goal or ends pursued via transformation tends to significantly differentiate initiatives.  The approach or means adopted for transformation pursuits relates to both the goals pursued […]