Blog Anniversary

My first posting on Rouse on Transformation was on November 5th, 2009 – more than 13 years ago.  I am now a bit under one month into my 14th year.  Last Monday was my 300th post, roughly once every two weeks, although the pandemic has given me time and motivation to post weekly – every Monday.

With the 300th post, I have generated 426 single spaced pages, with 184,000 words, enough for a book of over 700 pages.  Rouse on Transformation is syndicated to 250,000 readers, and has received over 50,000 comments, or over 300 per month and growing.  I have only digested a small subset of this corpus, but readers seem to very much relate to my posts.

I have covered a wide range of topics, with emphasis on enterprise transformation, including many case studies of successes and failures.  Lately, I have been paying substantial attention to societal transformation, particularly health, education and energy.  Next week, I will begin consideration of misinformation and disinformation, particularly as exacerbated by social media. 

I currently feel a mix of optimism and pessimism.  I am optimistic that we understand how we should transform society to achieve desirable outcomes for everyone.  I am pessimistic in terms of the likelihood we will commit to such transformation.  There are too many vested interests – often termed rice bowls – threatened by such changes.

Lately, I have been thinking in terms of 10-20 year strategies for slowly but surely enabling the needed changes.  We need to package incremental elements of the overall plan in terms of easily digestible, intuitively appealing early wins.  My coming blog posts will explore what this might mean and how it can happen.

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